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Cupcake Diaries: Emma on Thin Icing (Cupcake Diaries #3)

Cupcake Diaries: Emma on Thin Icing (Cupcake Diaries #3)
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
Language: English
Date: 2023
Number of pages: 160
Format: CBR
he bestselling Cupcake Diaries series is now available in graphic novel format! In this adaptation of the third book, Emma's earning money left and right - but is she in over her head?

When Mia asks the Cupcake Club girls to be junior bridesmaids in her mother's wedding, everyone is super excited about the idea - especially when they find the perfect dress for the occasion! It's Emma's dream dress... except for the price tag. And with her mom recently out of work, there's not a lot of room at the Taylor house for extra expenses. Not wanting to disappoint her friends, Emma decides to take on a few more jobs and chores around the house to help cover the cost.

Between babysitting her bratty brother, a dog-walking business, flute practice, the Cupcake Club - and oh yeah, being a typical tween girl - Emma may have bitten off more than she can chew. Can she pull of the balancing act and go to Mia's mom's wedding in style? Fun, bright, full-color graphic panels tell the story with the same humor and heart as the original novel.

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