X-23 Vol. 2

X-23 Vol. 3

X-23: Deadly Regenesis




X-Factor Forever

X-Factor Vol. 3

X-Factor Vol. 4


X-Force Killshot Anniversary Special

X-Force Vol. 5

X-Force Vol. 6



X-Men & Moon Girl

X-Men '92: House of XCII

X-Men / Fantastic Four Vol. 2

X-Men: Black

X-Men: Blue

X-Men: Children Of The Atom

X-Men: Deadly Genesis

X-Men: First Class

X-Men: God Loves Man Kills Extended Cut

X-Men: Gold Vol. 2

X-Men: Grand Design

X-Men: Grand Design - Second Genesis

X-Men: Grand Design - X-Tinction

X-Men: Hellfire Gala

X-Men: Legacy

X-Men: Legends

X-Men: Legends Vol. 2

X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong

X-Men: Phoenix - Warson

X-Men: Red

X-Men: Red Vol. 2

X-Men: Road to Onslaught

X-Men: The Exterminated

X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation

X-Men: The Trial of Magneto

X-Men: The Wedding Special

X-Men Hellfire Gala Confessionals: Infinity Comic

X-Men Legends

X-Men Origins

X-Men Unlimited

X-Men Unlimited: Infinity Comic

X-Men Unlimited: Latitude

X-Men Unlimited: X-Men Green

X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic

X-Men Unlimited Vol. 2

X-Men Vol. 2

X-Men Vol. 5

X-Men Vol. 6

X-Men Vol 2

X-O Manowar

X-O Manowar Vol. 4

X-O Manowar Vol. 5

X-Ray Robot


X-Terminators Vol. 2

X-Treme X-Men

X-Treme X-Men Vol. 3

X Deaths of Wolverine


XIII Mystery

X Lives of Wolverine



Xena / Army of Darkness: What... Again?!

Xena: Warrior Princess Vol. 3

Xena: Warrior Princess Vol. 4

Xerxes: The Fall of the House of Darius and the Rise of Alexander

X of Swords: Creation

X of Swords: Destruction

X of Swords: Stasis

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