Dead Samurai: A Murderer Among Us (Dead Samurai #1)

Publisher: Komikwerks
Series: Dead Samurai
Language: English
Date: 2005
Heroes: Kyuzomo
Number of pages: 46
Format: True PDF
The bodies of local samurai are found mutilated in the fields, and no one knows who is responsible. Reluctant to become involved, Kyuzomo is conflicted by his duty to defend and his deep desire to re-forge a life and love that he once had.

Kyuzomo is a man without a memory.

Long presumed dead, and wanted for murder, Kyuzomo wanders home after a mysterious eleven year absence, only to find his former life in shambles and his village in the grip of fear.

With the specter of his dark history looming, Kyuzomo must fight to destroy an evil menace that is ravaging a village he once called home and piece together the mystery of his missing years.

Aron Lusen, the co-founder of Liquid!, whose work you've no doubt seen, either on his current stint on X-men, or his past work on Uncanny X-men, Battle Chasers, E.V.E ProtoMecha, etc., brings you part one of a three book series featuring samurai, swordplay, ninjas, and something...otherworldly.

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