COBRA: Galaxy Nights (COBRA #4)

Series: COBRA
Language: English
Date: 2015
Number of pages: 190
Format: CBZ
An invitation was sent from a mysterious man to the soldiers. The objective was to take back Shiba Castle. This was the castle that belonged to the Sheba clan and fell into the hands of the Chaos Army 20 years ago. The twelve soldiers that were assembled received along with the invitation, a playing card as if to resemble them to the spade knights who served the Shiba Castle. However, they were ambushed and the ones that were left were “Seven” and “Eight” the robots with two brains, “Jack” the one with the strongest shield, “Queen” the beautiful assassin and finally, Cobra who was holding the “Ace”. They were heading towards the port town of Gizara, in order to rescue “King” who was their only key to succeeding in sneaking into Shiba Castle.

"COBRA" a Japanese comic which was a hit all over the world, now comes in e-book,full color CG edition.

The series is comprised in 15 volumes (Schedule to be sequentially released). This is volume four of the COBRA series.

Download COBRA: Galaxy Nights (COBRA #4)

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