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Cossacks: The Winged Hussar (Cossacks #1)

Cossacks: The Winged Hussar (Cossacks #1)
Publisher: Cinebook
Series: Cossacks
Language: English
Date: 2022
Number of pages: 66
Format: CBR
1634, Ukraine. Young Karlis rides hard, pursued by a troop of Winged Hussars, himself a deserter from that elite corps of the Polish-Lithuanian army. After escaping, he meets the Cossacks, a freedom-loving people who live in still-wild lands and welcome him among them. But great kingdoms are on the march, and the Cossacks' way of life will soon be threatened, forcing Karlis to fight for his new friends...

Vincent Brugeas, the author, also wrote the outstanding 'The Regiment', the story of the SAS, and the ongoing retelling of the legend of Robin Hood, 'Nottingham'. Both are thoroughly and painstakingly researched, and 'Cossacks', too, is solidly anchored in historical reality, giving this thrilling tale a ring of truth that makes it all the more engaging. Brought to life in superb fashion by Yoann Guillo and Ronan Toulhoat, this is a series that promises high adventure in a time and corner of the world too seldom considered in Western literature!

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