Olympus Mons: Exercise Mainbrace (Olympus Mons #2)

Publisher: Soleil
Series: Olympus Mons
Language: English
Date: 2018
Number of pages: 48
Format: CBR
What was the real purpose of Exercise Mainbrace? Why should no one penetrate into the anomaly of the Barents Sea? Are the researchers going to cause an apocalypse? As new artifacts and evidence come to light, the mystery only gets deeper...

On Mars, as on Earth, teams of specialists try to solve the mystery of these connected anomalies. Aaron Goodwin, the medium, makes every effort to warn the world of the importance of not penetrating into the strange submarine vessel. The future of the planet is at stake! His words are confirmed by other mediums, but the "Ocean Pathfinder" turns a deaf ear...

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