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Doodleville: Art Attacks (Doodleville #2)

Doodleville: Art Attacks (Doodleville #2)
Series: Doodleville
Language: English
Date: 2022
Number of pages: 131
Format: CBR
Drew and her mischievous doodles are back - and planning a heist-in-reverse at the Art Institute of Chicago - in the sequel to Doodleville, which Lincoln Peirce calls “a masterpiece.”

Drew never meant for this to happen. She didn’t mean for her doodle Mike to steal the centuries-old hat. She didn’t mean for Levi to steal the centuries-old baby (when he was supposed to be returning the coveted hat!). And she definitely didn’t mean to send the Art Institute of Chicago into a downward spiral of art-on-art combat.

She just wanted to fix a simple mistake! Now everything’s gone wrong, and it’s mayhem at the museum. Drew is sure she’s going to become public enemy #1, wanted posters and all. But it turns out Drew and her art club might be the museum’s only chance at resolution and restoration. Can they fix it before centuries worth of masterpieces are destroyed forever?

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