Girlfriend, Girlfriend, Volume 2 (Girlfriend, Girlfriend #10-18)

Publisher: Manga / Kodansha Comics
Language: English
Date: 2021
Heroes: Naoya, Saki, Nagisa
Number of pages: 156
Format: CBZ
It took a lot of convincing (begging on his knees) for straight-laced and honest high school boy Naoya to convince Saki to let him date her and Nagisa at the same time. He swore to make the two of them happy and even convinced them to live together with him, all under one roof! As the three of them get to know each other, their bonds gradually deepen but just as their triangle relationship finally takes a smooth turn, Saki loses her confidence as Naoya's "girlfriend" and runs away from home!! Where is this three-way relationship heading?! See it all unravel in this second volume of the unique love comedy!

Download Girlfriend, Girlfriend, Volume 2 (Girlfriend, Girlfriend #10-18)

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