Strike Witches: One-Winged Witches, Volume 1 (Strike Witches #1-7)

Language: English
Date: 2017
Number of pages: 175
Format: CBZ
In humanity's fight against the alien Neuroi, it's not just the super-aces and movie stars of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing who have stories worth telling. In this volume, Sergeant Wilma Bishop - the first character ever introduced from the Strike Witches world! - is transferred to the Isle of Wight detachment. It's the sister detachment to the famous 501st, but instead of aces, the Isle of Wight is filled with awkward, insecure newbies and the walking wounded. And yet, while these "one-winged Witches" may not be ready to soar with the aces, each one has her own story to tell.

Download Strike Witches: One-Winged Witches, Volume 1 (Strike Witches #1-7)

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