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Webster & Jones: Space Agents

Webster & Jones: Space Agents
Publisher: Graphic Novels / Dargaud
Language: English
Date: 2023
Number of pages: 102
Format: CBR
The Amazon rainforest, 1956. An American reconnaissance plane disappears into the impenetrable forest, but not before its crew has transmitted worrying reports of rockets being launched into space and sightings of flying saucers. The US Government immediately sends a team of investigators that includes Captain Wallace Webster and a Washington aide by the name of Betty Jones.

Fighting their way through the dense jungle, the team makes an astonishing discovery: an abandoned base that has obviously been used as a launchpad for space rockets but has equally obviously been destroyed by an enemy offensive. Narrowly escaping an attack by a giant robot adorned with swastikas, they realize that, having failed to conquer the world, the Nazis are trying to conquer space.

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