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Gurvan: A Dream of Earth

Gurvan: A Dream of Earth
Language: English
Date: 2023
Number of pages: 119
Format: CBR
Gurvan, a clone soldier of the Terran Coalition, was designed to participate in an age-old space conflict... the origins of which have been long forgotten. 1 VOLUME RELEASED - INDEPENDENT STORIES. Deep in space sits The Materedu, where the soldiers of the Terran Coalition are cloned from the best who came before them, and trained under an artificial sun to fight in the endless conflict with a fearsome foe. Among them, average combat pilot Gurvan dreams of surviving the seven years each Coalition fighter must serve, so that he may retire to the distant peace of Earth. But when Gurvan crosses paths with an opposing soldier, he begins to wonder if he knows his enemy... or even his allies. Explore the distant stars in this rare translation and adaptation of legendary French science-fiction writer P.-J. Hérault's Gurvan, in English for the first time!

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