Frank At Home On The Farm

Publisher: Graphic Novels / Others
Language: English
Date: 2022
Number of pages: 102
Format: CBR
Frank At Home On The Farm is an unsettling and engrossing, psychological horror, mystery set in the early 1920s. Part Lynchian nightmare, part Cronenbergian body horror, written by Jordan Thomas and Illustrated by Clark Bint, published by Scout Comics.

Frank Cross returns from World War 1 badly damaged by his experiences and wanting nothing more than to settle back down with his family at their farm. However, upon arrival he discovers his family missing. Frank’s search for answers only heightens his fear and anxiety as townspeople struggle to remember anything about his parents or brother and he’s confronted with nothing but dead ends. All the while Frank’s desperation grows he becomes more and more aware of the bizarre behavior of the farm’s animals. They seem to be watching his every move, gathering at night and sometimes Frank can swear he even hears them speak. Frank feels crazy just thinking it... but could they have something to do with his family’s disappearance?

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