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The Art of War, A Graphic Novel

The Art of War, A Graphic Novel
Language: English
Date: 2012
Number of pages: 348
Format: CBR
The military philosophies of the ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu are admired and studied to this day - and now Kelly Roman has used these timeless lessons on warfare to create The Art of War. This stunning two-color graphic novel has turned Sun Tzu’s iconic military strategy text into an action-packed thriller set twenty years in the future, when Wall Street is militarized and China is the world’s dominant economy. With more than three hundred illustrations by artist Michael DeWeese - who storyboarded the music video for the Lady Gaga hit "Alejandro" - this powerfully rendered Art of War integrates Sun Tzu’s timeless battlefield and war room strategies with a compelling futuristic tale of action and vengeance, creating a sweeping adventure for graphic novel and comic book aficionados, science fiction readers, and anyone who has ever enjoyed a classic action movie or Kung Fu martial arts epic.

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