Ninja: War for the Dominions: [A Graphic Novel] (Ninja #2)

Series: Ninja
Language: English
Date: 2021
Number of pages: 146
Format: CBR
The Great Beasts have been unleashed. The war has begun. Gaming superstar Ninja returns in the sequel to the graphic novel Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game!

Empowered by the show of resilience from Ninja and his friends in the Ketterung - a broadcasted battle-royale game realm controlled by evil overlord Strigus Thule - the people in all of Thule’s 1000 Dominions are now rebelling. In response, Thule decides to unleash his Great Beasts, the most powerful victors from previous games, kept to serve as the villainous gamemaster’s tools for all of eternity.

Rather than use their remaining energy to return home at the end of their game, Ninja convinces his friends to stay and help him free the Dominions from Thule’s tyrannic rule. Will the tenacity, integrity, and camaraderie that kept our hero and his crew alive in the first challenge help them defeat the horrifying Great Beasts - and Strigus Thule himself?

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