Disney Tangled: The Story of the Movie in Comics (Disney Tangled #1)

Language: English
Date: 2021
Number of pages: 54
Format: CBR
Experience the charm of Rapunzel in this retelling of the 2010 animated film.

Locked away in a high tower since she was a baby, Rapunzel yearns for freedom and adventure, and she is waiting for her life to begin. Possessing magical - and extremely long - blonde hair that has the power to provide eternal youth and healing, she believes that her mother has kept her in the tower for her safety. But Rapunzel has always been curious about the outside world and for her eighteenth birthday she longs to visit the source of the floating lights that appear in the sky every year. In a chance encounter, she meets Flynn Rider, a charismatic bandit who escapes capture by seeking refuge in her tower. Rapunzel takes the opportunity to make a deal with the thief, and the duo make their way to the kingdom where they discover Rapunzel's true identify and find that dreams do come true!

Tangled was the 50th Disney animated feature film. In this graphic novel retelling, climb into the unforgettable tale of the long-lost princess with seventy feet of golden hair!

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