The Swindling Indies

Language: English
Date: 2019
Number of pages: 162
Format: CBR
Written during the Spanish Golden Age, the Picaresque novel tells in the first the tale of a pauper. Tramp, beggar, thief and crook, the hero of the story goes through a series of implausible adventures, serves many masters and comes into contact with all levels of society. Among the greatest works in the genre, El Buscon or the History of the life of the Swindler, called Don Pablos of Segovia, model for tramps and mirror of misers, published in 1626, stands out for the ferocity of its humour.

Francisci de Quevedo, a major figure in the world of Iberian literature, with an outrageous yet refined style, tells the story of the cruel and grotesque misfortunes of a larger-than-life scoundrel. At the end of the novel, set in Spain, the picaro Don Pablos leaves for America, or the Indies, as it was known then. Quevedo promised a sequel, whitch he never wrote.

This is it.

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