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Batman (Batman Vol. 3 #75)

Batman (Batman Vol. 3 #75)
Publisher: DC Comics
Language: English
Date: 2019
Number of pages: 43
Format: CBR

Bane’s minions have moved into Gotham City, taken control and are ruling with an iron fist - including rounding up any villain who refuses to sign onto Bane’s program - and Batman is nowhere to be found. At least not the Batman anyone knows. It’s like someone has replaced the real Gotham City with a twisted funhouse-mirror version of it.

Meanwhile, the real Bruce Wayne is on a spiritual quest to regain his fighting spirit after his showdown with his father in the desert. Can the people of Gotham hold on until their protector is strong enough to come to their rescue?

PLUS: What does Lex Luthor’s scheming mean for Gotham City when Bane and the villains are already in control?

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