Arkham Asylum: Living Hell (Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #4)

Publisher: DC Comics
Language: English
Date: 2003
Number of pages: 24
Format: CBR

There's a big riot in Arkham. Jane Doe, still dressed as a Security Guard, kidnaps Warren White in the confusion. Aaron Cash is able to put most of the riot down, but is stopped dead in his tracks by his scourge, Killer Croc himself. Two-Face and The Joker escape, and the Joker decides he's going to kill everybody in the phone book whose name is palindromic. The Ventriloquist gets Scarface back from his cell, and the two of them express their mutual anger towards Lunkhead. In flashback, we see more of how Cash lost his hand protecting Dr. Anne Carver from Killer Croc, and how despite his depression afterwards, he returned to the Asylum because it's what he's best at. At the Gotham City Morgue, Harvey Bullock and Jason Blood discuss the recent serial killings, and Blood believes the killings have only stopped because the murderer is in Arkham Asylum. It is also revealed that the last time he encountered something like them was in his role as the demon Etrigan. Poison Ivy and Magpie begin digging a tunnel to the outside world.

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