Justice League Task Force (Justice League Task Force #13)

Publisher: DC Comics
Language: English
Date: 1994
Number of pages: 20
Format: CBZ
"Judgment Day Part 2: Split Decision"

Booster Gold has been critically injured in what history had recorded as his greatest victory - the defeat of the Overmaster. He is rushed back to League headquarters for urgent medical attention. Allies of the League fight against overwhelming odds in Benares, even as the Overmaster makes the extent of his power plain by wiping Central City from the map. He declares he will destroy more cities if the League attacks again, but says the Earth is doomed whatever they do. The United Nations order the League not to fight, but its members are split on the issue - Wonder Woman and others want to honor this request, whereas others, most notably Captain Atom, wish to defy it. Just as Captain Atom's group is about to leave, Blue Beetle appears with awful news - Booster has flatlined.

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