Represent!: My Granny was a Hero (Represent! #5)

Publisher: DC Comics
Series: Represent!
Language: English
Date: 2021
Number of pages: 13
Format: CBR
“My Granny Was a Hero”

A little girl with afro puffs, a potbelly and a gap-toothed smile dreams of being a hero. She reads adventure books voraciously; she practices sword strokes and judo kicks in her bedroom in case she ever has to fight a dragon; she devours superhero movies and cartoons with big eyes and popcorn. And every night, she looks out of her window and wishes upon the moon with all her heart to be called upon to help someone in a big way... when she discovers the story of her great-grandmother Cocu, and how Cocu’s superpower led to a heroic struggle for freedom.

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