Spirou & Fantasio: Attack of the Zordolts (Spirou & Fantasio #18)

Publisher: Cinebook
Language: English
Date: 2021
Number of pages: 58
Format: CBR
Over time, Zorglub has become a friend of Champignac, and is no longer the enemy of old. Yet when he comes to see the Count one morning, he uses his deadly Zorglwave on him – the infamous brain-scrambling ray. Two weeks later, Spirou and Fantasio receive a call for help from their old friend: apparently, there are monsters in Champignac! And when our two fearless adventurers reach the outskirts of the village, they are stopped by an Army blockade...

Download Spirou & Fantasio: Attack of the Zordolts (Spirou & Fantasio #18)

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