Snelson: Comedy Is Dying (Snelson: Comedy Is Dying #1)

Publisher: Ahoy Comics
Language: English
Date: 2021
Number of pages: 33
Format: CBZ
Comedian Melville Snelson's standup comedy is two decades past its sell-by date, and hecklers now outnumber fans.

In the 1990s, “edgy” standup comic MELVILLE SNELSON had it all - but twenty-five years later, his jokes come off as tired and offensive. Desperate for a comeback, Snelson sets out on tour with a group of young, socially conscious comedians. Can a '90s has-been hit the big time, or is Snelson about to be cancelled for good? A hilarious, definitely adult contemporary satire that mocks the dying breaths of white male entitlement.

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